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Hey, beautiful souls!

It’s been a while, and here I am back with yet another artwork. This is quite different from my earlier ones. Those were abstract line art, while this is a combination of mandala and zentangle art. 

When I started out my experiments in abstract line art, I was exploring all kinds of shapes and patterns. With a background in Indian mehandi art, I was naturally drawn towards the patterns in this artwork. I was overjoyed with the Sakura pens of all sizes, which made me draw my heart and soul out!

The concept is: 

I am such a sun and a moon lover. Yes, a heliophile and a seleniophile, as they call them. So much so that I am obsessed and can keep gazing at these two for hours and hours. All day, every day! 

My spiritual awakening laid the foundation for my ardent love for the two main sources of energies that we consume day in and day out. For me, being as sharp and bright as the sun and as calm and composed as the moon is such an authentic and divine blend, which we all have within. Just that, we need to realise and tap that energy to put it into practice to see the miracles unfold while we are on this planet. 

Hence came the concept of this artwork to blend these two vital divine energies. As you can see, it’s a blend of both doodles and Indian mehendi art designs or patterns. Some may call them zentangles or even mandalas. 

At the end of the day, art is a very profound expression coming from each one of us and shall be unique as each one of us is. So tagging them down with a name doesn’t matter more than the joy and contentment we receive out of finishing an artwork!

I seek that every moment, time and again. 

Such moments are nothing but pure bliss. 

According to the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says

He is the radiant sun among the lights and the moon among the stars.

And my heart is filled with ecstasy.

I hope you find your ray of sunshine and moonlight every moment! And hey, don’t forget to be one for others! 

One of the very early days of my work in progress…

Thank you for reading. 

Until next time,

Keep ARTing,


Spread the joy!

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