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Embrace your own pace.

So, one random day, I took out my pen and diary and started scribbling lines on them. That’s how it all started. Then I began to find patterns in these lines. As in a pattern out of them from no where. But before that, with a background in Indian mehendi art, I began doodling and mandala art to find out if that worked for me.

Sooner I ran out of design patterns. Lines and floaty shapes somehow excited me and also encouraged me to be in my dream bubble for a while. Not just excited, but it slowed me down to my very core! These somehow seemed like the vast, wavy ocean to me.

For me, they were simple yet intricately entangled lines and shapes. Now that goes on to how we, as individuals, perceive it!

Slow Living Through Line Art

Slow living was just a concept in my mind until I turned and tuned in to art. I could see how easily I could clear my mind through simple line art. I began living more consciously.

Ever since I started practicing line art, I just go with the flow, like I always mentioned in my other art blogs.

Such artwork has always been a reminder for me to slow down and be in the moment to cherish it, amidst the chaos in this world.

slow living abstract line art
slow living abstract line art
slow living abstract line art

Lines and shapes have definitely taught me to live and let go gracefully!

It’s not just about creating art; it’s about embracing your unique pace and finding inner peace in the process.

I hope you find yours very soon!

Until next time,

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Spread the joy!

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