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Hey, beautiful souls! How are you doing today?

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Today, I thought I should be writing about one of my very first artworks and what followed next. The one piece of artwork that is close to my heart is a tad above all other works! 

So when I began, with a bit of background in Mehandi art, I found the mandala / doodling pens quite interesting. I am so used to using Mehendi cones coming from an Indian family.

Hence I hardly knew anything about these Sakura Micron pens and how amazing they are! 

So one fine day, when I bought those to try them out, I was excited like never before, looking at the immense potential these pens provided for artists!

Then I began to draw Lord Ganesha Mandala, referring to and taking inspiration from one of the Pinterest pins!

Here it is –

ganpati bappa moriya

If you can see, I have used a mixture of doodling, mandala symbols, and mehendi art designs as a fusion in this work.

Yes! That’s how much I enjoyed creating this artwork. I was also in awe of the smooth texture of these pens.

The different sizes and widths of these pens were the best to simply play around with. I bought them all in black, and it was perfect for this artwork.

It took me a week’s time to finish this, as it was my first artwork. I was very much a beginner, figuring out my way in the art world. Exploring!

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However, it was finished and ready right on time for Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival we in India celebrate for Lord Ganesha on His birthday! And it couldn’t have been better.

Later, as I went into more doodling and mandala, I somehow lagged or was falling behind in shapes and patterns!

Which is when it eventually led me to line art, of which I never knew something existed. Then I came up with this piece of artwork, drawing inspiration to draw abstract line art with a touch of spirituality!

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For me, these green lines looked so much like the veins in a leaf. We in India also decorate Lord Ganesha in the form of a peepal leaf to worship Him. And I could connect these green lines to those leaves.

Here’s a video of the process that you might enjoy: 

Both of these versions of Lord Ganesha were drawn in a meditative state of mind, and I felt grateful for having all the time and resources to finish them.

Lord Ganesha, popularly known as a remover of obstacles in life, symbolises wisdom and esoteric knowledge in Hinduism.

I seek His blessings for inner clarity, purpose, and direction in life, extending the same wishes to you, beautiful soul.

Until next time, 

Keep ARTing, 


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